My App was rejected for the second time on GP

Hello friends,
I’m submitting a new app to GP but they rejected it with the following message:

If I submitted it again for the 3rd time, will this pan my account?

Did you do anything to fix it? Did you remove the celebrities images?
In any case this is not a strike but a warning only. Thing is if you don’t do anything to correct the problems they identified then you might still risk your account for no reason. Stop submitting until you are sure it’s all OK!

Thank you very much @Anteos. Sure I’ll do.

Doesn’t use app celebrities images. You see the email, Pharrel Willians image and Ryan Gosling, doesn’t use copyright content o you will be ban.

Don’t worry . Send one mail . It will take 3/4 working days to get the reply. But don’t resubmit again and again.