My app ranks above google music player.Will any one buy my book if i tell d secrets

So my app ranks at # 7 and google’s music player ranks at # 8.
I have come to know of many ASO techniques while working on my first app.
It gets 5000+ downloads a day and is currently earning me around 75$ a day

Also I marketed my app for free.Will any one be interested to buy a book if I let others know about the secrets ?
If yes then how much will you guys be willing to pay?

Well you’d need more proof than that for most of us.
Also, you’d have to cap the sales of the book or the secrets would soon become less effective etc.

Only you know the “secrets” and their value, so you really need to come up with your own price.

Your earnings from such book will never compare to what you can earn yourself keeping these “secrets” for your own apps. I don’t get why would one give that away. Plus, algorithms are constantly changing so no specific method remains effective for long.
And even if OP sets a cap, methods will spread on PM like a hollywood movie on torrents sites.

5000 downloads a day is amazing for just your first app.

I agree with Ryan though, why would you want to give away your secrets?

1st you didnt even tell us the name of your app.
2nd Why are you trying to sell a book , you should be making more apps.
3rd If this is your 1st post , how do you know about developers selling books and such. I figure you have another account here and your trying to cash in.
4th Just too many red flags but I wish you well.

His app link is on his profile page.

Why create a new username?
Looking at your app on your profile page, it is the same as this
from user rixxx22.

Also, if you are the same person, all the information you proposing to sell is readily available on the forums for free.

Don’t remember it’s password and I haven’t disclosed any secrets in that post.

  1. the name is bitsy music player.
  2. I am trying to get a blog done,making apps,working on a startup and writing a book about marketing.And trying to complete my engineering at the same time.
  3. Not my first post

I am thinking of keeping the price high ,so that I can make money ,like 500$ ,even if i sell 100 books,i will make a lot of money.

According to his old thread , he would spam his app on Facebook ,YouTube and forums.

I have tried that and it just seems to annoy people. I’ve messaged a bunch of YouTube channels and they never reply. I can imagine the requests they get on a daily basis.

Really running out if ideas on marketing.

You are a real dreamer!:stuck_out_tongue: First you wanted 100k-500k$ for your app and now you think that you will sell 100 books for 500$… Nice one:)

it’s you again,
I wanted to tell you that you are very annoying and you really should mind your business if you don’t have anything constructive to say.

But before I ask you to leave me alone
I would like to show you something

Have a look.
Now I hope I don’t have to give you more reasons.
Do you still think I am a dreamer ?

I don’t why you put this image, because it is offtopic, but ok.
Don’t get annoyed man, I hope you didn’t put this post to hear only “yeeas, you will be a millionaire! We will buy your ebook for 1000000$”… But unfortunately this is the only thing you wanted to hear…
Although I wish you everything the best!

Sounds like youre on the right path! Congrats.

My screenshot was as relevant to the topic as your dreamer comment was.
Others understood why the screenshot was posted here,but seems like I did hurt your ego.
But I failed to understand why,
Oh wait,you were never contacted by mozilla because of your first app.
And i have been offered 60k already,to sell the app .
And no i don’t need flattery from you, because unlike you,flattery isn’t something I live upon.I am just trying to figure out,how feasible is my idea of selling the book.
Now please read your answer again
“yeeas, you will be a millionaire! We will buy your ebook for 1000000$”…"??

Thank you :slight_smile:

Name calling is the best you can do?Lol
Yeah you better keep your frustration away from me.

yes, i’d be interested in your book