My app is top trending apps.Received 30k installs yesterday. Selling my ad space

Would anyone be interested in buying space on my app on the splash screen.(the loading screen which appears when the app is loaded)
It has 1 million downloads
getting about 30000 downloads daily. Because its in top trending.(I just realized it)

Received 1/2 million ad request yesterday(with refresh rate of 120)

it still gets 8k downloads a day
trending will be like a bonus which you can utilize
Here is the link

I would be interested in buying by weekly only since I don’t know when the app will stop trending.

it still gets 8k downloads a day
trending will be like a bonus

How much i cost ad space on your app ?

Do you have skype?
Here is mine facebook:ankit.ishu.7

pls pm for infos/price me thx

intersted. what are your geos and where does this splash screen come up?

Please PM me the price

Hi pls pm me the price too


pm me as well please


pm me for the price :slight_smile:


Hi everyone to save the confusion ,the price is 700$ for 37 days…
Your ad will be displayed on the loading screen(or the splash screen)
The app isn’t trending amymore.
I am getting 12k downloads on an average.
I have 300,000 active users.
In 37 days your app will be seen by 300,000+ 12,000X37=674,000 different people

If any one is interested please contact me on
skype: facebook:ankit.ishu.7

What kind if marketing do you use to get go trending?

I dont spend any money on advertising

What are your latest statistics such as downloads per day, active users.

Also, are you willing to do a 1 week trial period for $175 to test results? If it goes good then I order the full $700.

PM me

The users went down to 27,000.

Why are you spreading rumours ?