My app is not become populer how to expect income

my app name is “0hour” which is really helpful app for every one

Speak english doc.

Hi Kaushal your app concept is good but you have problem with other things like.

  1. Name of the App (give some easy remembrance name which is related to your app concept).
  2. Size of the app 11M it is too big for this kind of app because this app is not used frequently so peoples will try to find other apps which can give same functions with less memory size.
  3. You had released 10th of March and only 6days old so you can’t expect becoming popular within short period.

so at last what i can tell is be patient and advertise more and make many people know about your app.

sorry to say I did not like the name of your app.

Yes main thing is the name should be nice.Change this name.

Hey Kaushal, I also like the concept of your app and I think you are helping a noble cause there.

To increase downloads, have you thought:

  1. working with local women associations to help promote it?
  2. when you set up the Friends and Family circles, sending them a notification to download the app as well?
  3. i probably missed it, but maybe you can make super visible and easy to share with their friends and help them get protected too?