my app is not appearing in search result, please help

Just today, I published my first app. Direct link is working perfectly. But I cant find my app by searching on play store. How much time does it take? Thanks in advance.

Though I believe your app is already published as you have mentioned that its visible via direct link. If you are not satisfied with its discovery and visibility then you can seek guidance through google by visiting their;

Developer Console Help ----> Publishing and discovery issues

There, mark the option which reads, “” “” I cannot find my app when searching by its name""

Follow their instructions and in the bottom there is an hyperlink, ““let us know””. So to seek their help and guidance


Or you can just wait a couple of days, your app will appear, give it some time !

Did you hear about app store optimization if not follow these simple steps to appearing your app in search results…
What is App store optimization (ASO)?

Today hiring the best mobile app developer is not the guaranty of a successful app. App’s marketing and visibility can decide the future of the app or any company. App store optimization is a process to give a maximum exposure to a particular app in the app stores. We know the facts that there are thousands of mobile apps are available for each and every category. In this competition it is very hard to get the maximum visibility for an app in the app store. ASO is a process that can help an app to get easily discovered by the user within the app store.

Why ASO is important?

In today’s context, ASO is one of the most important factor for any mobile app. Each app in the app store is a tough competitor for the another one. Researches say that more than 63% of the people search their desired mobile apps on app stores. If any startup or any publisher is not doing ASO for their apps, they are missing huge amount of traffic and visibility. It’s amazing that still most of the publishers and startups are not spending a single penny for their app store optimization. It’s a big opportunity for all of us to grab this golden chance and make our mobile app a big hit in the app store whether it is Google play store or Apple’s iTunes.

Important factors in ASO!

Primary factors:

Title: Title comes first and that is why it is one of the most important ASO factor for any app. It is very important to keep your best keywords in your title, lacking of keywords in the title can make it weak to run in the competition. People first see the title and it is very essential to keep your title easy to read, attractive and effective to get the customers at first glance.

Keywords: Keywords are those words through which an app can be found on the App store. Users simply search for an app on the app store by making simple queries, these search queries are your keywords. It is very important to pick the right keywords for your app because less popular keywords can directly impact on your ROI. Take your time and do a proper research for your best performing keywords.

Appearance: Apps functionality is not only the reason for a successful app, it appearance is also make an impact on visitor’s mind. Researches say that an attractive image can easily grab once attention easily than any other thing. You should pay attention while you are selecting your app’s images, screen shots, Logos. It’s an old proverb says that, “A picture can express thousands of words”. Your screenshots do the same thing, so select your app images and screen shots carefully. A neat and clean design can attract more and more visitors for your app in the app store.

Secondary factors:

Total number of downloads: Once you have done with the above mentioned things you can now easily switch to the secondary factors. It’s a natural process or one can say a human tendency that people pick their app on app stores on the basis of download count. A big download number can influence the user to download the app easily. In a certain extend we can manage it but we can’t have the full control over it.

Reviews and ratings: Rating and reviews are like cherry on a cake, we have putted it in to the secondary phase because getting rating and reviews only possible when your app is visible to the users in the app stores. Once you get the significant amount of traffic and visits on your app download page you can think about the rating and reviews. As we have discussed in the last points, a user first check the app description and other related details and then come to the point to download it. With the help of ratings and reviews a user can make a decision easily after reading the positive and negative feed backs of the other users.

Word of mouth: Last but not least, word of mouth, this is the most fast and effective marketing strategy for making an app viral among the people. Only half of the totals Smartphone users go to the app store for downloading app. Remaining users make their decision on the basis of the people’s personal suggestions and recommendations. Those people are less interested in the technology so they made their decisions easily through recommendation given by their friends and family members.

Well this is not the end of the road where you can stop your efforts. Keep this thing in your mind that never stop your branding and marketing. A very basic rule of marketing is never stop your advertisement because nothing is permanent in the market. If a product ruling in the marketing, it can be replace by the another one. The only thing that can help you to survive, is your efforts of marketing and branding to make your product number one always.

well, it depends on your ASO.

May be it depend on my ASO tactics and hope that these steps can work well…