My App in Top 10 New Health and Fitness US

We released our app December 10

Here is my app:
it prevents drunk social media.

My app now ranks in the top 10 new health and fitness US category. Im not sure if this is an accomplishment or not.

We just got ranked for Health and fitness US overall at 597.

We rank well in our keywords too.

We are trying to improve the ranks tho and get more downloads to help.

Anyone have suggestions to boost downloads quickly so I can rank higher in my categories? I dont have money to spend on advertising or downloads.

Yes thats actually excellent just getting into top #20 is super hard. As far as marketing for free did you do all of this

Someone is spam botting 1 stars on my app… What can I do about this. I have recieved 100 one stars in the past hour…

how many downloads you get daily from US? that problem with rating shows how competitive is that market, people buying rating just to unrank others

I had the same thing happened to one of my games, just non stop 1 star ratings, It went from a 4.4 to a 3.3.

Could it be your competitor ?

Can someone buy a service to 1 star other apps? I’m suspecting that’s happening.

Yes go on fiverr , like right now. They have 5 star ratings you can buy. Thats the only way to stop it.

Here is the direct link

Yes, i know that but are you saying people out there are buying the same service to 1 star other apps?

Yes bigger companies don’t like competition , once you reach top #25 basically its on. If your lucky they leave you alone but normally you reach that high then you better have saved up a budget to battle. Remember google picks what they feature on front page from top #25 . Companies know this and so they get very competitive especially when someone new jumps the charts.

That’s very discouraging. Capitalist society we live in. :frowning:

Is there a way we can do this ourselves instead of constantly buying from other services? I’m willing to invest in a system that we can all use to for our benefit.

Dude its not just other developers but gamers too. Lately thier attitude towards developers is very sour. I posted this in another thread but I will post it here also just in case you didn’t see the other thread.

“”" I did a little more research that proves developers are on the greedy tip. I found out about something called epcm. Epcm is how developers make money on ADs. So I decided to act like a developer and ask one of the AD networks how it works. here is how the short but informative conversation went.

Me: So I read in the forums something about 3-6 downloads epcm ?

AD Rep: Yes thats effective per thousand i.e. 1,000 per 3-6

Me: Damn that seems like a lot of money so epcm is 1,000 basically?

AD Rep:If you sign up right now I can go over EPCM in more detail. We have the best
paying AD network and I’am sure you will be happy with our service. Do you want to join and I will help
you set up right away. I will explain EPCM in a more clearer fashion.

Me: No I get the gist of it,thanks. You guys shouldn’t be paying developers so god damn much shit.

So for 3-6 downloads AD companies will pay you $1,000 via epcm !!! I almost lost my sh!t. I am supposed to go to college in 2 years and you guys are making a ****ing killing out here. Now I will get my revenge I found out from another guy that feels the same way I do about AD blockers. If you support the movement then download this

http:// How To Block Ads In Android Apps, Games And Browsers

It blocks ADs from you apps. Yeah we will get the last laugh you greedy , self indiliget , self impotant a-holes."""

So its a bad attitiude all around from other developers to consumers who think we are getting paid lovely. Right now its hard to make it out there with so much bad information.

congrats, nice to hear a success story