my app: Identical Files Finder

My first app on Google Play released a week ago: search for identical files and you can select&delete the duplicated.
1.Small size of apk : ~1.5M
2.It can be moved on external SD card, so you save space on internal storage.
3.Reasonable fast

Because of #2 I’ve started my own app, I’ve tried few other similar apps from google play but non of them has this feature.

Open for comments/remarks.
I’m searching for other people to help me to translate the string in other languages ; now it supports English and Romania.
If you are interested I can help you to translate the strings of your apps in Romanian (for free).

Thank you

anybody tested?

After about 2 months I have 100+ installs. All for real :slight_smile:

Identical Files Finder

The impressions number on Admob is increasing week by week.
Today I just made a new release based on some users’ requests.
Seems like I’m on a good track.

Did a new release almost one week ago.
Now it is multi language :slight_smile:

Thanks alot. I was looking for duplicate file finder from a long time. Finally I found your app thanks.

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