My App has been removed from Play Store


I’m new here and have a bad problem.
I’m the developer of the App “Android Wear Store” and my app banned a few hours ago.

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy

Here some of my Screenshots:

I think the problem was the name “Android Wear”, because the app in general looks like my Cast Store. There is only a logo with small differences and the other name.

Another problem is maybe the logo:

Should i try to reupload it without “Android” in the name an another logo?

Best Regards

I know that there’s policies to use the name “Android.” See here:
Brand Guidelines | Android Developers

If you don’t think you violated the policies, make sure email Google play and see what they say.

Your attachments aren’t visible. Try editing your post and just link to your images from a 3rd party image hosting site, like imgur.

Thank you for the link, I also saw there, that it’s not allowed to edit the Google Play logo.
So I’ll create a new logo and change the name.

Uploaded the screenshots and the logo, should be fixed now.

Yeah. The best bet is not to mess with anything with Google Play and Android. They have tons of rules on that and it’s so easy to slip up and get banned.

I hope this link is very helpful for u…

Your app has been banned but what was the reason it not clear in your post. If app was banned then there would be a message from Google in your inbox for the reason of ban. Find out the exact reason of ban and then try to upload again.

Please note that Google has already a app on market store by name “Android Wear”. You could have named your app as “Store for Android Wear”

this link seems spam. as the question asked is different and answer provided is different.

sorry to hear this

The same applies for names like “Facebook Downloader”. It’s not allowed, while “Chat for Facebook” would be allowed. However… risky.

This happened with me too, i had an app of my website infinity on loop, but someone reported it for no reason and it got removed, wth!