My airpush earning is zero on March 17th

My airpush earning is zero on March 17th, it is abnormal. Is someone same to me?

Same here, it must be a glitch in the statistics… This happened to me before, and it was fixed moments later… I expect the same now

same here as well…

Yep same here.

I talked to live support and they sent a message to the tech support. Imediatelly tech support sent a message and they will investigate. Those problems are not unusual, but they always fix them.

Airpush support was really fast to answer. It is inevitable to compare to AdMob due to the recent paypal issue. Support of AdMob is completely absent.

Yeah Airpush have always been really fast with me too. So have AppBrain, Millennial Media, Pingjam and StartApp.
But Admob; well they have been useless with support for the 2 years I’ve been with them. Not only that, but they lie about technical details so that they look better (Made out that they usually payout on 21st, when it’s 14th-15th etc). Just because a company is a top dog does not mean they don’t have to try.

They fixed it. :wink:

Yep 17th has data now

but I see 22th empty

Lol yep, same here!

Same for me :slight_smile:

Same, someone tell them lol

Hey Guys,

There was a reporting error which caused the 0 statistics for March 22nd, we are working on the situation. The stats for March 22nd will be reflective on your dashboards shortly.

Thanks for your patience.


We are wondering, will we get payment ? The payment time is seeing 31 March.

Thank you.


The reporting error should have no effect on payment schedule. Are you on weekly pay? If so payment will be released on March 29th, if not you will receive your payment on March 31st.

Weekly pay. But it is seeing 31 March. Normally, we should get on 22 March. And I sent a help ticket but no support or feedback.

But in any case We love you. Thanks.

It happened for me also on 17th 21st and now yesterday too…But they are corrected within a few hours…:slight_smile:

Thanks Phil! Nice to see continued dedicated support from Airpush, unlike Admob.

You guys are very welcome :slight_smile: Feel free to PM me if you have any other issues.


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to inform you that stats should now all be fixed and back to normal. We had a small reporting issue that caused 0 stats on March 22nd for some developer accounts but it has now been resolved.


My stats/revenue are empty today (March 28th)