My Airpush Account was susspended!


I I haven’t had my last payment(weekly) from Airpush, so i wrote to support.
They told me that my account has been suspended! But there are not any information about it.
I contact to my developer friend, and he tell me that he had the same situation, and re activation his account take a 4 month (till he have money).

I think my account was suspended, becouse i added app to dashboard, and for 3-4 days it was acctivated but it not be in Google Play, and i have installations from my, and my friends device… ;/

Some one else have that situation?

If they suspended your account, ask them what’s the reason…

I’m waiting already 3 days for their response…

really sad to hear that. you should ask them the reason. can you still access to the account and see your earnings?
because my last payment is also delayed(i mean i can see it in payment page but didn’t show up in bank account yet). if you have a lot of money in your account, you better contact someone in this forum.

My payment is delayed also. Perhaps it’s because the year started mid-week?

Other developer have payment in the previous Friday.

I have account over a year, and i have a lot of money. I have all time acces to my account, and i see my earnings.

At all, support tell me that my account now is active and i have my payments in next payment date, 18 January. I hope that it will be…
But i still don’t know why it was suspended. :slight_smile:

PS. Did someone have already the gift for Christmas from Airpush?

I’m still waiting for it…
But I have a friend who got this gift a few days before Christmas -_-

i just got the payment. i didn’t received the gift from airpush yet but received one from startapp

it’s kind of a metal plate with little magnetic tiles. i dont know what the hell it is. is there any one who got this?

My payment has post now also! Whew! You guys almost gave me a heart attack!

Also, I have received my gift from Airpush - I got a Airpush branded mouse lol. What did you guys get?

i got a metal plate, from airpush nothing yet, but delivery can be delayed

i got the same thing. but no idea about how it can used

Somebody have today his weekly payments? :slight_smile:

I’ve been told there’s been a few day delay on payments this week.

Did you get this email?

"I wanted to personally reach out and let you know that Airpush will be updating its weekly pay program. Starting on January 13, 2013, developers in the Fast Pay Program must only use Airpush for Push-notification ads and Icon ads and may not stack other network SDK’s featuring similar ad units.

Please note-

· You may still participate in the Fast Pay Program while using SDKs, which feature in-app ad units or any other ad units not similar to Push or Icon ads (i.e. Admob).

· You may still use other SDK’s which feature ad units similar to Push and Icon ads and receive our standard ‘net 30’ payments.

Again, this change will go into effect January 13, 2013; if you have any questions regarding qualifying for the Fast Pay Program or need assistance please let me know. We’re looking forward to a big 2013!"

I don’t have this email. But my 2 friends have it… and 3 haven’t… :slight_smile:
Little strange.

i didn’t get that email neither…strange is the correct word - i like the weekly payments but i like my other networks too:(

It’s probably truth.

Your account manager Namrata sent you an email last week explaining our new stipulation of our weekly payment program. Again, developers who are stacking push notifications and icon ads SDKs will not be eligible for weekly payment anymore. They will be paid on the net 30 payment. (30 days for payment) which is still quicker than industry average. If you decide to use Airpush exclusively for these two ad units we will convert you back to weekly payment. As of now it shows you are stacking with Leadbolt SDK for some of your apps.

If you have any additional questions please email [email protected]

I didn’t get this email, maybe there are only emailing people that use different networks for push/icons…

@ bradolh - i think you are right and it makes sence

Hey androiddev,

Glad to hear you got the gift from us :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It’s a folding magnetic tray for your desk, so you can stick notes (or Dollars $$$) to it.

Simply fold the bottom part and you can place it on your table.