My admob stats, any tips is is good or bad?

Okay, so I would like to get some opinions from people who got experience with their games being in market already. I am wondering whether my admob stats are good, average or maybe bad?

For example yesterday I had:

new installs: 38.000
ad requests count: 1,054,049
ctr: 0.67%
ecpm: 0.22$

Those are from admob 320x50 banner.

It is my first game, so I do not have much experience.

What format advert ? 320x50 banner ? Something else ?

Sorry, I forgot to mention it, I am using 320x50 banners + some interesant game install adverts but those stats from first post are admob banner only. Thanks.

what else you want from banners with traffic spread across Asia/EU/U.S. Be happy with $0.22 for banners. For more revenue, show more inters. Banners can get you at the max $0.4-$0.5 ecpm. To achieve $0.4-$0.5, try increasing the CTR to 1.5-2%.

I would add admob banners, admob inters and startapp inters (+ maybe mobilecore)

Looks normal. I had worse eCPM, much worse sometimes.

Try Amazon’s adverts SDK… for your USA users. Your eCPM will go up.

my RPM is $3.5 for banner ads with admob, will Amazon give me better rates for USA traffic?

what are your demographics? for usa that ecpm would be low, but for other countries, like India, that would be amazing

$3.50 RPM on banners with admob???

yes you read that right :slight_smile:

do you force users to click or something?

my RPM is like $0.10 (with a very low CTR ~ 0.10%)

no not at all, I have lots of USA traffic and the banners are positioned well. Its not a game, i have an app.

My RPM with AdMob banners is around 0,2 €. App with 40k impressions/day with 22% of installs from USA.

Most of my US traffic is going to Amazon, but still, even before Amazon, I would have like 0.15 or maybe 0.20 eCPM.

Can you provide more info, like the CTR and the refresh rate (60s?) ?

@Matthewek, I have a question for you if you don’t mind answering: How many installs from the USA only did you have on Oct 31, 2013? Just need an approximate, not the exact value.