My Admob Interstitital ad CTR is 4.30% now days so it Safe?

As per Admob Interstitial Policy i have placed Interstitial ad on my tutorial app as interstitial ad on 3 clicks on menu item which will run only 1 interstitial ad during app session on 1st 3 clicks then there is no interstitial ad until next launch of app but problem is my CTR which remain 4+.

Most of my app downloads from US as per geo map on admob
See the screenshot of my app report on admob interstitial ad

overall app CTR with both banner and interstitial ad is 0.60%. So what do you think friends ? my app is safe? my admob interstitial ad implement is in-complaint with their policies but Interstitial CTR worried me a lot. what should be my CTR for interstitial ad? and how can i control it?

i need Help of experts soon as possible. help will be really appreciated. please help me and give me proper solution

My app have 2000-3500 downloads per day
and i’m using both Admob interstitial and banner ads on my app.
my impressions are 35-45k per day
banner CTR is 0.50-0.61%
Interstitial ads CTR is 3.0-4.5%
Overall app CTR per day is 0.55-0.63%
earning $20-30 per day(40% from US)

so is it safe admob state for my app?
i’m using interstitial ad by clicking 3 times on menu item and only 1 ad per app session for first 3 clicks and then no ads until next launch of app.

please give me suggestion. help will be really appreciated.

Its high CTR, but it might be caused by a lot of things. If your users use your app a lot and they see the interstitials very rarely, it could get high CTR. If you don’t preload the ad and show few seconds after the click, it could produce invalid clicks and increase ctr. If ad network inventory suits your userbase at the moment, it could also increase your ctr.
I would say 4.3% ctr looks good and legit, but I think nothing is sure with Admob.

First of all thanks a lot for your Feedback on my post buddy.
few things i didn’t get is what do you mean by “Don’t preload the ad”? i’m using interstitial ad on menu item click and immediately when you click on menu item and it will be come on 3rd click on menu item as i said i’m using only 1 ad during app session after first 3 clicks and then no ad until next launch of app.

secondly you said " If ad network inventory suits your userbase at the moment, it could also increase your ctr." can you please explain in details about that?
i will be really thankful to you.

You use admob interstitials. To load ad, you use something like


It is best to use this method few seconds before calling;

About ad network inventory - you don’t have too much influence about what ads are served by admob. Maybe some good game with beautiful interstitial shows its ads in your app and people like this ad, so they click on it.

actually none of them is high. ~5% for interstitial is just fine

i am using same buddy, thanks a lot for your suggestions. let me know if you have more suggestion as per my app stats.

thanks a lot buddy for your valuable feedback.
i think so as well because my implement is 100% in-complaint with new admob policies. :slight_smile:

if you have any suggestions for my admob interstitial implementation please let me know. i love to here it. :slight_smile:
and again thanks a lot for your time.

How to increase ctr… It so low nowadays

Can you mention your admob daily stats so i can see it?


Yesterday’s earnings… I have a high quality app with 1000 downloads a day… But my Ctr is too low as well as my Ecpm… The stats are in euro€… What can i do to optimize my stats?

Please look at my answer… And thank you for your help.