My Admob income yesterday, is this safe? need help for senior developer using admob

This is my stats yesterday in all of my apps

Request: 17k
Impressions: 16K
Fill Rate: 100%
Clicks: 485
Impression CTR: 2.95%
Request RPM: $1.37
Impression: $1.43
Estimated Earnings: $23

Is my admob account safe from banning? Any comments and help really appreciated, I am really afraid my admob account will get banned… :frowning:

This looks fine. You’re click through is fairly impressive if those are just admob banners. I’m assuming this is an app primarily used in North America?

Actually it is in one of my app gets 80% in my total earnings and using interstitial ad only and ctr is from 5%-9% everyday for 15 days already and keeps on increasing everyday, is it safe?

and BTW, my 90% traffic is from Philippines alone…

I get around 11% from my interstitial ads in US only, is your ad heavily targeted towards the Phillipines?

No, I didn’t set any in my admob settings. How long you got that CTR? how many payments did you get already from admobs and how long you are a publisher in admob? thanks mate for the reply.