My 3rd and 4th income reports

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Nice numbers, congratulations!

How much have you earned so far with those 470k downloads?

Congrats. Hope you’ll reach your goal soon. BTW What kind of apps do you make? Games or Utility apps?

Wow, Congratulations and thanks for sharing those numbers!

Do you still have only those 2 Wallpaper Apps or did you created some new ones and where do you place your Ads in your Wallpaper?

Do you have many apps - without disclosing that info - if it is more than 3 apps, then what percentage of total revenue is from the top 1 app ?

This is to confirm the theory that developers usually wind up earning the majority of revenue from one “hit” app - with a bunch of smaller apps (some of which may have taken more effort to make) - i.e. perhaps related to what “the public wants” (which developers may not always be attuned to - often making apps that they want to make). With the result that the simple app can sometimes match the public’s taste far better or by chance etc. …

Your stats are damning evidence against StartApp and other intrusive ad setups.


Admob : 1843$
Startup: 70$
Appbrain: 148$

Nice start of the long journey. Congratulations.

It seems that you have around $0.01 per download. Instead of setting a new target as reaching $3,000 a month, I would recommend you to focus on RPD. You may increase it to 2-3 cents playing with different types of ads. This will give you a significant boost.

I can provide some info on that based on my apps:

  • my two best apps make the most,
  • 4 more make significant amount,
  • the rest 10-15 apps make very low.

About k usd

About 5k usd so far

Personalization apps

nice report, very cool to see so much detail.

startapp has an exit ad that i use and it is a separate jar file than the other types of ads they have. It actually pays pretty well for what it is and doesn’t set off any antivirus etc apps.

He said he uses exit ads but i doubt he was using them from startapp due to his statement about negative reviews from start app. that usually means he was doing the full or partial integration with the icon/search/bookmarks/homepage etc. ad types. That does set off antivirus apps and tends to collect negative reviews.

So startapp exit ads (is it an appwall ?) has given better performance than AppBrain’s appwall-on-exit ?

startApp is an exit ad (full screen ad) not an appwall. two different things.

i created more apps and i put my banner ads in displaying activity

your point seems true i have more than 3 apps and last month i created a new app and it was so simple in compare with my others app and it made more than 50% of total earrings about 850$ from 1843$ in june and it’s top app in earrings of all time despite of it’s the newest one .

i created more apps and i put my banner ads in displaying activity

initially i used the full integration and i was able to make 12~15$ per day but the negative feedback from antivirus detection was pretty high as well uninstall rate so i moved to partial integration of Exit ads only the impressions were pretty high but no downloads and i would make about 3~5$ per day and it’s still detectable by antivirus but with lower rate than full integration eventually i moved to appbrain and i can make same rate 10~15$ and no negative feedbacks or antivirus detection.

Appbrain is pretty good but it’s earrings not stable as Startapp
i’ don’t have to worry about antivirus and negative feedback or extra permissions or app rejection in certain markets
also it provide pretty cool daily statistics and remote control settings
and recently Appbrain added Wire payout option

Thanks - that is reassuring to see that one can make something similar without having to resort to some of the more aggressive ad networks out there (i.e. ad schemes that the developers themselves would be wary of using as users).