My 30 Day Income Report - Is it too low?

Hello everybody,

I will share my 30 day Income Report with you. Please let me know what you think.
I am using StartApp ad network, 85% of the revenue is from Interstitial ads and 15% from banners.
Check the data below and let me know how much you think I should earn? Is my 30 day revenue too low?

Date: March 23, 2015 - April 21, 2015
Revenue: $675.46
Impressions: 658,690
Clicks: 53,492
CTR: 8.12%
ECPM: $1.03
Daily Active Users: Approx 8,000

United States - 25.93%
India - 19.62%
United Kingdom - 7.52%
Philippines - 4.44%
Brazil - 2.70%
Malaysia - 2.61%
South Africa - 2.44%
Others - 34.73%

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This income should be ok, definitely not too low.

I think not too low

Nice income you have there.

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Actually that is way too low, trust me I been doing app development for years and tried many different types of advertising networks and affiliate marketing through my apps and websites. With that many clicks, you should at least be getting $1.5k. You should try mobilecore and admob. You get 1 cent per click, you should be getting 3 cents per click at the very LEAST considering 1/4th of your traffic is US 7.52% is from the UK.

I think your revenue could be higher but depends on a lot of things. What kind of app is it? game? What is the average session length? What is the break down of your impressions & clicks in terms of interstitials vs banners?

Interstitial ads are where most of your income should come from. I would be interested in: on average how many interstitials does each user see? and what is the interstitial CTR?

Additionally, I am getting on average $0.10 per click from Admob with this user breakdown:
USA (33%)
Canada (3%)
South Africa (3%)

Yours is $0.012 per click, how come?

I don’t think it’s bad considering that only 35% or so are tier 1 countries.
But it’s a good practice to have more than 1 ads network in your app, maybe try to mix it up a bit? Especially for banners you will make more with admod

It’s fine if you can sustain it and maybe grow it.