MWC Barcelona - Appnext booth


Just wanted to share the experience we are having in Barceolona. Meeting a lot of our partners, developers and competitors. Atmosphere is great, and so is business.

If you are attending it by any chance and haven’t met us yet, I’ll be happy to see you here - Booth 18F, Hall 8.0.

(I’m the guy wearing jeans in the middle - my suitcase didn’t arrive with the airplane, of course. Something like that always happnes. So I had to borrow clothes from my colleagues).

your booth looks super cool.
BTW appnext publisher dashboard sucks. there is no way to check daily revenues together by each day. and it’s really difficult to see what’s going on

Checking your revenue by day? That’s tottaly possible. Or maybe you meant something else?

i mean how can i view the daily revenue for last 7 days in a single view without search for one by one.

On the right side - choose “Last 7 days”
Then , on top, where it says “Report by” - choose “date”, so you can see it by date. If not, you will see it by apps.
If you want to see what any of your specific apps did - you can choose an app in the field below the “Report by” field.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, contact me next week and we can work it out on Skype.

thanks. i think i got my answer :slight_smile: