MUST TRY! The Social SDK


i suggest you to give a try to the revolutionary SDK from appOptim, The Social SDK.
appOptim ad networks provides to android developers a great new way to Promote, Socialize and Monetize their app.

It offers major RPMD that ensures the maximum monetization of the achievement and work to help innovative developers to maximize their gains and optimize their fill rates through an amazing social tool

The exclusive monetization solution via the social SDK combines the social side with the advertising side to gain you more users and more money.

It is available across all popular platforms such as Android, PhoneGap, Unity 3D, and Basic4Android…

Finally appOptim pays exclusive rates to app developers giving up to $50 RPMD (revenue per 1000 downloads). The payment is guaranteed each week via multiple payment methods.

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Why would you promote an SDK and not provide a link to the website or something? Can’t find any information on Google either.

Care to elaborate a bit more on the SDK and how it works. “up to $50 RPMD” is a very high promise.

We really need to work on your google skills :wink: Mobile Ads network & apps Monetization - appOptim

"The SDK is a home screen mini shortcut, easy to move, that provides tools, including messenger, translator, flashlight, shortcut storage and a Sharing world in the name of your app, with a direct link to your app. We monetize some of our tools, including Web Search and Apps Browser. "

Anyone got experience with this?

My bad, I searched “App Optimum”, not “App Optim” lol.

As with the SDK description, that will most likely get your app(s) banned. Ads appear in their “Apps Browser”, which appears to be a function of the shortcut -

These types of ad solutions are only good for spam apps and apps that you know will get taken down anyway.

I think that it’s no even with GP policy so not apps would be taken down, but accounts as well. Pingjam 2?

More permissions than widdit lol :stuck_out_tongue: No Eula at start its 100% banable

Well guys appOptim is 100% compliant with GP, and provide a very attractive and new way of SDK.
The rates are the one you read up to $ 50 RMPD US.

i would suggest two things: take a deep look at our website ( or at our video very well explained (Get FREE users for my app - YouTube)

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Mobile Ads network & apps Monetization - appOptim

They have a “100% Google Policy Compliant” stamp in their website, guys. This is surely safe, the would never lie to us after all, would they?

lol! Yeah sure…

Ok, I looked at the video and at their website, the idea behind their sdk actually seems interesting. I think I’ll try them out. They do offer weekly payments which is really good, plus the social sdk does seem beneficial for the app itself and the users.

It seems to be Google compliant since the shortcut that will be installed on the homescreen of the user would be the same shortcut for your app, and will be in the name of your app with all those additional features for social sharing, so technically no additional shortcuts will be created, only 1 shortcut for your app with the additional features and widgets from the appoptim social sdk.

The referral program also seems great, you can get up to $3740 for referring your friends and other developers. So if anyone else is interested in trying them out, just click on my signature for my referral and you would get additional $25 Bonus when you reach your first 100 installs, or just click here: AppOptim - Up to $50RPMD + $25 Bonus for 1st 100 installs + Weekly Payments

Hm… intriguing, I think I will wait for a couple of month before deciding to join this one, just in case anything happened on google policy.
I will surely join under your referral if things turn out to be great. please keep us posted with the result from your app using this ad network

appreciated it.

any example app on the playstore??

What are the rates for non-US countries?

O.K Guys,

I can safely say that this company is o.k

payment arrived on time, and in the right amount! They fix all problems with permissions and Asia revenue.
I really like that they listen and take the problems seriously.
From my experience so far, I honestly recommend appOptim

Most of my users are from Western Europe, they pay 20$ for 1000 downloads.
They promise these rates will not change.

Pls use my link is you want to register :slight_smile:
Mobile Ads network & apps Monetization - appOptim

Thx :slight_smile: