Music Quiz App Legal?

I am developing this music quiz app similar to songpop

Users would hear a short music beat clip and have to guess and type in the answer to the question and later they could hear the full actual song

Would creating an app like that violate copyright issues?

well of course it’s illegal. you can’t just use songs and make money out of it!

Ask yourself: do you own the rights to play those songs and/or distribute them ? In all countries ?

Do you have any idea how other apps like guess the song is able to do so? Do they have to get licensing?

You have the right to play around 10 seconds of a song without needing rights from what I remember.
Have a look about that and see what you can find out.

I don’t think that’s true, you need to obtain license to stream/play a song in a game or app separately from website playbacks.

Toxic is right, I heard you could play like 7 seconds for free but I looked it up the day this thread was started and it turns out that’s not true. U don’t need a license to play songs but u do need to pay royalty fees to licensing bodies that manage music copyright (BMI, ASCAP, and ACEMLA). Most businesses either use a radio service like Muzak or obtain an annual blanket license to cover the fees