Music Player as Major Project in final year of college

hello all,
I am currently in my final year of my engineering and we have to make a major project in our last semester.So i was thinking of making a music player. I know this is very common type of app on the market but it will be very unique in my college.(and also i ma not getting any other ideas :P) and this app will over many topics like file handling and other java concepts.
So what do you guys think, should i go for it? and what other features can i put in it…like equalizer or sharing music etc…?

in which college you are from, from what i remember u are a newbie android dev’s. shouldn’t u be taking a smaller project for final year, music player has lots of thing to sort out and require a lot of expierience in android development. i started android development with a music player but yet not completed but there was some issue that i wasn’t able to fix . i am also in engineering final year and took a online db project for android

I think you must go with your idea of developing a music player. I know music player is very common app but you can enhance it by adding different sounds, enhancer, brass and make your app of small size so that more and more people can download it.

yeah m a newbie in android development, i am studying in gwalior(IITM).I have to only give synopsis this semester and have to submit my project at the end of last sem…

yeah, actually i thought the sa,e…like creating a theme music player, example car music player or football music player…it will cover ,many concepts of programming …or else i was thinking of making a simple android game…i am learning through kilobolt tutorials…

Game is good if you want some impressive stats to your professors/H.O.D
For music player, the best I found is PowerAmp. See if you can create anything comparable to poweramp else game is a very good idea.

you are in IIT . That’s is great,i am not in IIT and i know u only have to give synopsis in college this sem . we two are at same level in final year. may be game is a good idea as game development u can worry less about fragmentation. my college is not that great to show my android apps so i always keep my project short and less good for college, and i keep my best for google play. you can also try music player i was only being realistic , not discouraging . but once u made up your mind , never give up. that is all

nhi nih…soory for being unclear…IIT is not in gwalior btw…its IITM (Institute of technology and Management)…i was thinking of making a solid major project…i have heard that helps ion placements too :stuck_out_tongue: …we will have it made in team of 3…and we have got lot of time…or we will go for a game…

i already have 2 placement in accenture and persistent.Institute of technology and Management is also great.and beside i earn more on android than both my job revenue combined for 1st year. btw good luck and seeing your spirit reminds of what i was like in 2nd year

hey…great yar.!! (Y)…congrats…!!..i haven’t got any placements yet…:/…so now i have two options, music player or a simple game…we will decide among ourselves and then we will start working on the same…(Y)…:slight_smile:

@awlabs I know that you said you want to build a music player but I’m just throwing some ideas around. Some time ago I met this guy who developed a cool app that creates sound effects using the phone’s microphone and sounds it picks up from the objects around. Here’s the link to it: AriVibes | AriVibes is an iPhone app that musically transforms the sounds of objects around you.

It sounds like a good idea and possibly a challenge in terms of developing it. But it sounds like a lot of fun:)

hey thanks for suggestion…:slight_smile:
but our group have decided to make an android game…as we are just a beginners in android development, we are trying to learn it through kilobolt tutorials. and we want ideas for simple android games. please help…

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