Music Player app, needs some 5* rating :)

Hi guys, i would like to exchange reviews.

Please download and add 5* rating and g+ but don’t write any review.
So please just 5* and g+.

In exchange i will download, write review, 5* and g+.

Here is a link:

Leave a reply here or pm me with link of your app, game.

As I reply to other guy who also wants reviews, he also made reviews exchange with others. I mentioned it will take longer time to get the result. However, it is safe for apps as reviews are organic. Of course we know virtual reviews are harmful to apps, not real reviews. This will make app get punished even banned.

You also can buy reviews from real users who will install and review your app with real devices. You know there are many websites offering this service like (BestReviewApp) Google it if interested and they run well. It means this method is available for publishers.

Anyway, I just mentioned one method may help you. You are the one to make final choice.