Multiple google play developer account question.

Hello, I already have one google play developer account and I have 3 apps. Because this is my first developer account I didnt know google play rules, because of that my 2 apps got suspended. What I understand is when I have 3 apps suspended then my developer account will be banned. Lesson learned but I only have 1 more strike. Fortunately my 3 apps pass all the google play rules. But I am still afraid if anything happens to my account (Because one of my apps earning me good money), So I am thinking about creating another google play developer account with different IP (proxy), Credit Card, signed key, email. My question is can I use same pc to develop my new apps? Can google track me if I use one pc to develop for two developer accounts? If I use the same pc to generate different signed key will that be a good move or do I need to use another pc (I only have one). Thank you :slight_smile:

You do not need to use proxy or whatever. Since your account is not terminated you can open unlimited go account in your name and your credit card. Be relax. If some of your apps are banned better idea is to open one more account but don’t forget if one account banned then all of you go account would be banned too. Play the game according to rules or they will ring bell on your ass. :wink:

Policy strikes for linked accounts aren’t counted as if they are one account?
E.g. if I have 3 linked gp accounts and each one of them gets 1 app suspension, Google won’t ban all of them?

yes, all linked accts wil be banned.

Be well prepared for your account to be banned sooner or later because Google can mistakenly bans anyone anytime!

So you MUST be careful not to let Google link your accounts together! ;D

Regarding creating apps on the same PC, it is fine but don’t use the same keystore for different accounts!

Maybe it’s useless… but if I was in your case I would try this anyway:

  1. open a new Google Play account
  2. transfer the active/legal Apps to the new account
  3. close the old account with the unpublished/banned apps

There is no such options of transfer app on another gp and these all.

Correct methods to open multi gp , use new, email,new name & address,new card plus new ip ( avoid proxy& PVN Better choice is use SSH )
always use private explorer to make new gp as well as at the time of login gp so that google will not able to set their cookies in your pc
also all time keep your pc, cookies free and enjoy,
use full link here

your all accounts will be banned if you uses so much accounts at a time

Hello everyone,

I have purchased a new google play account from Germany from a supplier. However, I still have opened as I did not know how to get private IP. Can any one help whereI can get a good affordable private IP services. My objective is to upload video downloader apps and generate money from admob. I have a concern toward my admob account. In fact, I have only one admob account which is clean and run four games with small to no earnings but its growing. I am wondering if I upload illegal apps and link it to my admob account, would i get my admob account closed? Thank you your help is much appreciate it

Don’t use the same pc and browser for the second account. Create virtual pc or find a computer. Google can find you by browser finger print. My advice don’t update your apps you have already 2 suspensions. Let them brings revenue for you.

Yes, you will get banned from admob if you do this.
Try startapp or appnext for those apps.

Thank you UnluckyGuy. I really appreciate. Any advice of which code is good? I found some on Chupamobile but they seem not fully functioning as they have some bugs. Any advice. Thank you in advance

Thank you codewarrior. I have a second computer. I cleaned the registry and everything. I unistalled google chrome and bought a private ip. I am surfing with mozilla firefox using private internet. Do you think its enough ? Thank you in advance

But How to use SSH ? Any tutorial or techniques available ???

How did you used your internet for uploading apps? Sure u didnt went to germany to uplaod apps, How do u did? I am also in the same position of yours but I have bought account from my relative credit card, I have brand new PC & 2 weeks old google play account. What about the internet connection? How to use internet for development on that pc & uploading apps, managing & buying different internet connection for each account will be costly !!!

I would like to know what did you did ??

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