Multiple Admob Accounts in One App?

Can i use adds from different Admob accounts for 1 app? for example banners from my account and interstitials from my friend’s?

I need to reduce my income because of tax isue.


You should use two different Ad networks.

Not sure you can create two admob accounts containing the same app package name

Wob does have a point.

Give Widdit’s HomeBase SDK a try.

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I guess there are multiple questions here:

  1. How to split traffic across multiple advert accounts
  2. How to setup multiple corporations in foreign tax jurisdictions which no trace back to yourself so you can evade paying tax or delay tax until you repatriate it back to yourself

Now the first is easy. Just use a mediation service and set up multiple ad network accounts.
The 2nd … less easy :slight_smile:

thanks .
i searched the admob mediation services after your answers.
But i could not find any documents about how to use Admob mediation at Unity3d.