Mraid ads

Hey guys,

I just read in some other thread about rich media(mraid ads) creatives , i’ve heard mopub supports them, which network do you use in order to display mraid ads to users?


I’m not sure. I have mraid in AndroidManifest so moPub should probably use them. I’m not sure if it does though.

Hi protonsavy!

I’m glad you brought up mraid ads, as TapIt has received a lot of mraid campaigns during Q4. These campaigns can earn you $4 CPM and up and we would love to get in touch with more publishers who can accept this special type of ad unit. Additionally, if you are currently working through MoPub, you can mediate through them to work with us. You can also mediate through AdMob, MobFox, and more. I can set you up and start monetizing in the same day, let me know if you need assistance :slight_smile:

We also have an inside sales team here who works directly with brands and advertising agencies to get quality campaigns showing on your apps. Our rich user interface allows you to not only block certain categories of ads, but also to see in real time your earnings, fill rates, etc by country.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Thanks lisa, I’ve sent you a pm.