MP3 App = Instant Ban on Opera

Made an Mp3 app using added bundle2 sdk and got 5,000 downloads in first 2 hours after publishing the app to opera and made like $30 in first 2 hours as well with Airpush Bundle2 then later that day like 3 hours later app removed and account banned.

They claimed the App was stolen and not mine even though I made the app myself, my account was over 3 years old and had 2000+ apps, first time I ever got one removed and then banned.

Dear DroidGenieApps,

Unfortunately, your application # # MP3 Music Download Blaster 2 Downloader was disabled at our store due to the reasons below:
•Your application is stolen or unauthorized.
•Your application is a duplicate of another application.

Dear DroidGenieApps,

Unfortunately, your application # # SongCast MP3 Music Search Downloader was disabled at our store due to the reasons below:
•Your application is stolen or unauthorized.
•Your application is a duplicate of another application.

But I see they are located in the United States so I will have my Lawyer give them a call and force them to reinstate my account or get sued.

Sincerely yours, team.

Opera Software | Developers Relations | Fax: +1-866-626-9582

Opera Software
1875 South Grant Street, suite #750
San Mateo, CA 94402

You made mp3 app? You made? Stop joking… it’s some old code from codecanyon and chupamobile, bought by some indians. You used some stupid indian code generator, probably they haven’t even multilicence. This code is bannable in google play instant, because many people, even 100 developers used it, copied x 10xxx times and spammed google play + alternative markets.

Thats main reason why nobody should buy code in codecanyon/chupamobile or some generators. Thats why I aware of using your own generator in your signature. One ban and you are on google blacklist and you can delete code. Alternative markets also if code is using for spam.

Why so hard to understand that stores want to stop spam? :expressionless:

Want to avoid bans? Made your own code.

Been on google play for 5 months now and no bans yet over 100,000+ downloads on it on gplay, it was banned from opera, First one was using mp3sdk, the 2nd one I created myself was wanting to see what version got more installs but both went down same day.

Good Luck with your 50k a day challenge you will need to buy like 20 accounts and blast spam apps to do so. I am currently in $200-$350 day range

Why You not think that I haven’t such number of accounts :wink: ?
Yes DroidGenie, I understand about your 5 months, had this code also for half year and no ban with 500k downloads, now its banned and google cleaned up 80% mp3 downloaders but I never told that I made this app :wink: respect yourself

Opera just sucks so bad , even i had my account since 2 years and they banned me for literally nthg !!! all they are doing is banning all devs recently . i guess they wont be left with much apps soon . bloody losers… thinking they are some highclass google company . they suck so bad in every aspect ! the user interface and the fake download numbers just too bad… though it gave good traffic but now just bad.

loosing 2000 apps in single go is a big blow.

You just met bigger spammer than me :wink: remember, I’m not evil :wink: haha

that’s why I recommend not having more than 50 apps per account which means 40 accounts for 2000 apps. @DroidGenie, you lost 1/3 of your app listings?

Only 50 apps lost as it was high risk apps account.

Opera banned my account yesterday, claiming my apps are ‘stolen’. This is after i wrote them an email asking why they were showing fake downloads in the dashboard.
I have implemented a callback that notifies my website every time any of my apps is opened for the first time, and in one of the new apps, my website was showing 120 downloads, 100 from google play (from dashboard) and 10 from Androidpit. Yet, on the Opera dashboard, same app had 1685 downloads! Obviously they are showing fake downloads. Am glad am no longer party to their bs