Movista big scam, bad support, not serious!!!

I signed up for mobvista a few months ago. I implemented the sdk in a few of my apps and used the offerwall. I lost thousends of impressions untill they finally told me after hundreds of skype discussions that the offerwall had a problem and the ecpm was faulty. I got for those thousends of impressions from several apps in more than a month exactly 0.18$!!!
After that they told me of the faulty appwall and told me to switch to interstitial ads as they’re the most optimised and the ecpm is best.
I changed all my apps to use the normal intersitial ads. It worked for all except one. I talked again to the support for that app and they kept postponing my issue forever untill they don’t answer anymore!!!
I want to say that the support is awefull!! They let me wait for almost 2 months to solve that issue and they’re not even answering and acting as I don’t exist.
Regarding the other apps, that I switched the offerwall to normal interstitial, they don’t show up impressions in the mobvista dashboard. Not even one! The ads show up in the apps and on other adnetworks I have impressions!
I used every time the latest sdk and the targeted courty was usa!
In conclusion I want to say that they’re very unprofessional and unhumanly bad at support, not talking about the sdk architecture!
So if you wand a decent adnetwork keep away from them.

Each and every day they become more thick-skinned. I contacted 6 people from mobvista staff and they’re not answering anything.
Its impossible to get in tough with them. They might took the money and left me high and dry.
I’m incredibly disappointed!!!

Anybody talked to mobvista lately? Are these people still alive?

There is a person from mobvista in the forums, i cannot recall his name. Wanie Green or sth? Check around a bit or use search. I have no experience with them.

Couldn’t find him. Anybody knows any form of contacting them?


Try pm him.

I’ve never seen rude people like them!!
After days of waiting someone just tells me on skype that I should try other adnetwork. Thay didn’t said anything about my other apps and the fact that in the dashbord I cant see nay impression!!

Its’s not that they don’t answer me anymore. They don’t even want to pay me!!!
Mobvista is the biggest scam I ever saw!!
Who else is using them?

The do cheat developers search in the forum and you will find one of my threads where I showed how they are cheating