Moving house to get into a reasonable secondary

Our son is in fourth class in a very remote rural area and there’s only one secondary school locally and it’s terrible. We’re planning to move somewhere else to get him into the catchment of somewhere better but this is proving to be a bit of a minefield. With so many schools, the child has to have been in the local primary to get in. That would mean moving on spec and taking him out of his primary (where he’s happy), and then what if he doesn’t get into the school after that? Has anyone else been in this situation? What on earth do people do when they’ve just moved to an area? Appreciate any advice


We had just moved to an area the summer before my daughter started primary. Luckily there was a relatively new school which was there to take the overflow from other local schools and she got in there

Oh man, school stuff can be such a headache. My little sister went through something like this a while ago. We were in a similar situation with a not-so-great school, and my parents were considering moving to get her into a better one. If someone faces the same situation, I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons—like, if the new school is going to be way better, maybe it’s worth the gamble. And hey, don’t stress too much. It’ll work out in the end, I’m sure! When we moved, we used the services of the Three Movers company. It may be worth checking out when you decide on your move.