Moving from StartApp to Another network (Low ECPMs) advice


I have been using StartApp for 1.5 years more or less with INTERSTITIALS. They pay really well but since 2-3 months ago ecpm has fallen a lot. My ECPM has always between 4$-4.5$ and the average now is about 3$ having days with ECPM of 2$. I want to move to another network and has been thinking about admob. Could anyboy give advice on this? I’m using banners with them and they are working pretty nice but don’t know about Interstitials. I talked with a google assistant and he commented that they had 4$ ECPM interstitials as an average. What do you think?

Thank sin advance.

You’re right. My startapp ecpm is between 0.5 - 1.2 for last month. I’m also using mobilecore and its result is great for me. I recommend their interstitials.

I have 0,6 with Startapp and 0,5 with mobilecore…:frowning: Bad days came true

I have prefered that this was just my case but it seems it is not… What a pitty

If anyone has a something more to say we are really willing to hear it :D.


eCPM > 1 is not bad. mine 0.2 LOL

That’s very low. My ecpm with mobileCore is 4.65 for last week. I think location is the main key in this difference. My top countries are brazil,spain,uk,france and us.

yes location is important but the problem with him I think is surely because he show too much ads so the ecpm go down while the money increase a little

Well I’m giving data for 1.5 years. I did exactly the same since the beginning and now is when things are going low low. So, this is not a valid statement (I thank you for trying to give a reason but this is not the case).


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Oh I’m sorry oanime for the confusion but I was talking about mmmkkksss statistics. I think that in his case my statement was obvious. Talking about your statistics, you should know better than me that the PPD model that was before on Startapp did all the magic bringing your ecpm from 3 to 4$. So the missing PPD is the cause of the -1$ on ecpm. But I think that 2-3 ecpm is the natural ecpm of the market because I’m sure they are doing the best that they can to catch advertisers. If you are not convinced think for a moment how much do they loose from a low ecpm compared to how much you loose… they loose millions of dollars and loose also their publishers, giving raise to a ripple effect. Anyway , mobilecore and appnext ecpm is also around the same value from what I have read so till now, sadly, there is no company that will offer you more than that…

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