Most used ad networks


If you don’t mind, I would like to know which are the ad networks most used among us. If the one that you are using isn’t in the poll, you can comment with the name.

This is only for devs. Thank you.

May be following page can help you in someway:
Ad networks - Android library statistics |

Awesome. Thank you!

Hey ernestofndz - you can also add to the list.

Hey @ernestofndz. I don’t see Pollfish in the list :slight_smile:

Poll has a max. of 10 slots. That’s why I said that if you can’t find the one that you use between those, you can write it as a comment.

And as I said also, only for developers (that are not working with X company to promote their service) please. Thank you.

I’m sorry, but as I just wrote, it has a limit of options.

plus1 for Pollfish

Thanks for voting :slight_smile:

Soon I will be introducing a service that hope you will like to try.

This is interesting. I added more questions via Google Form, could be more useful than poll here:

All questions are optional.

Edit: I opened a thread on this over here

Indeed, very interesting and useful survey, thank you!