Most stable notification SDK

Hi there,

I would like to know your opinion on what is the most stable SDK for notification ads. With Leadbolt I feel like a non-paid beta tester, because their SDK is full of bugs (they have had to release three more versions after their 3.0.6 release), and I don’t wanna annoy my users with constant updates. I would like to give Airpush or Senddroid a try, is their SDK stable ?

Also, what company has the best tech support ? With Leadbolt I feel like they don’t listen to me and don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

Thank you!

Can you PM me your publisher ID? I’ll take care of your questions.

I share your frustration regarding Leadbolt’s SDK . When I was using them I too felt like their SDK was full of bugs and issues. With their continuous decline in CPM and their buggy SDK I didn’t want to deal with Leadbolt anymore. I have been with Airpush for a few months now and their SDK is pretty solid. Not many bugs I have noticed, I am happy with their CPM and like most of their ad units, specifically their smartwall which has been getting highest CPM for me. Airpush’s tech support needs a little improvement. They are sometimes slow to respond to inquiries or concerns.

I have also heard of positive things regarding Senddroid’s SDK. I personally haven’t tried them but may in the future.

Thank you Devo for the positive input.


I’d be happy to help you get on board with SendDroid.

As far as our stability & support go, it would just be self praise there. Therefore, I’d strongly urge you to speak to other developers using SendDroid and get their opinion on us.

Hope to hear back from you soon.


Hello Androider:

Please send us your PUB ID # so I can look into this issue immediately.

FYI, We’ve made additional updates to the SDK for more enhancements SDK 3.06b is available now on your portal.

Reach out to me via PM… thank you.

My thoughts:

  1. Airpush – By far the most stable SDK for notifications is Airpush, and their new SDK is integrated with free BUGSENSE licenses which can do wonders for your app’s stability. I also get the highest eCPM’s from Airpush.

  2. SendDroid – imo their SDK has some issue which seems to lower the total # of pushes I get per user, even though the CPM was acceptable. this was extremely concerning so I stopped using them.

  3. Leadbolt – SDK is a total disaster of bugs. To be fair, maybe they have improved it recently. One thing which is more server-related than SDK which kills the Leadbolt eCPM’s is that when you click an ad, it redirects you through half a dozen different URL’s. Did anyone every notice this ??? I understand Leadbolt has various advertiser partners and exchanges which redirect around like that, but it lower’s the eCPM dramatically imo compared to the other networks. Very poor design IMO.
    Oh I will also add that regarding Support, they are all TERRIBLE imo.
    I get much better support from AppBrain and Millenial Media and many other networks.
    Of the 3 I would say SendDroid’s support is the best though.

about LeadBolt:

just within 3 weeks LeadBolt released 3 SDK updates - 3.06, 3.06a, 3.06b - that’s quite big achievement :slight_smile:

my eCPM is still 1,6$ but the fact is that number of notifications heavily dropped in the same time, so I get the same $$$ as when I have eCPM 1,1$… that’s well… interesting?

btw. on Google ads LeadBolt says that gives 50$ to every new developer

Thank you very much gordonb, that is very good information!. I’ve already signed up with Airpush, and I’m in the process of moving all my applications… One thing that bugs me though, is that they don’t use a secure (https) connection on their website. But their SDK looks very professional and well designed.

I was also going to give Senddroid a try, but if you say their SDK has some issues, I guess i’ll give up.

Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.

What issues did you find in the SDK?

I remember having this complaint a long time ago and we did fix things. If you’re referring to something recently, could you please let me know what it is so we can look into it?