Most mysterious suspension? Those auto suspensions are getting crazy!


Check out this:
Just had my app which I have been working on for the last 6 months suspended WHILE IN APLPHA (not published) and FOR NO REASON. : androiddev

Someone just posted that.

Audio player app named “Long Play” has been suspended without any obvious reason. No covers in screenshots, nothing in description, original icon etc. Does it mean word Play is risky now too?

So, only safe way to name apps in future will be md5 or sha1 or smth like that?

This is insane. Avoid using Play in title for now.

@Goddard your query already got answered its been suspended because of using the Play title and also noticed on the description “Play your music” it may have sounded the bots that you are trying to…

I think Google is having another round of suspensions going on. This time with bigger focus on brands/copyright stuff.

Here is one by popular website phandroid :

They got their app banned, it was called “PS4 Daily”.

I just signed the petition

A bit offtopic:

It has been mentioned in the forum that the word “Flow” is a reason to get banned. Let me tell you that last week Mr Google FEATURED a Christmas-themed version of Flow-Free called “Christmas Flow”!

Nothing is certain in Google´s kingdom…

app seems too be nice build

Now that’s a big …lol… it looks like now google in looking to hurt various Android Communities out their ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the solution for this problem. I have bought a monkey. When I want a name for my app, I put it over my keyboard and I wait for some seconds or minutes (if the monkey are sleeping)…

I just signed the petition

…lol… Oh… those are your monkey I have seen then, inside the Google Police van they are saying that those monkey will be sent to jail ! :stuck_out_tongue: