More than 1 GP Accounts: monitoring e-mails addresses

Hi guys,

I am sure most developers have undergone a GP account ban and have created or bought another. Maybe some have done same with Admob, too.

My concern is the following: we need another pc and IP for using the second GP developer account, but what about monitoring the email address? Can it be done from any PC, even the standard one used at the banned account?
I tend to use X-Notifier for multiple email addresses with firefox on my laptop and house net(has accessed a banned GP in the past), but I am hesitant to add the e-mail address of my current GP account. Same with my tablet, which got MyMail app but has accessed GP in the past. Is it safe?

If not, what is your way of monitoring the addresses? I am particularly interested for replies from people with more than 2 GP accounts, where things can get even more complex.


Dont use Gmail address for the second account for obvious reasons.

you could use a VPN
or rent a server and do everything from there via remote access

I looked into the whole thign with VPS you can rent and use. It is interesting and will eventually be needed, but for the time being I doubt it is the only way. To start with, even with a VPS, you cannot monitor more than one GP developer email because you are still risking cross-check and cross-ban.

I still wonder what most people with more than 1 GP developer accounts do - do you monitor the addresses from simply any PC or you are careful with logging in your GP developer email inbox from a PC which has accessed a banned GP account in the past?

Pretty much this.
You’ll have to be careful logging into any related google accounts to the banned account on any pc.
youtube/admob/adsense/adwords/analytics/gmail so forth so on…

Pretty much wipe your pc and start fresh with everything

edit: If you need to get onto any of the banned stuff, use your mobile phone on the 3g/4g (Not your wifi, someone elses wifi would be okay…)

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use yahoo for emails

I should have thought about it but honestly Yahoo is unbearable.
My primary address is yahoo and takes 2-3mins to load properly.
My secondary address is yahoo too, it has been “blocked” in all my devices except my tablet. It keeps asking for verification and when I give it, next time I load it asks again. Awful.

Oh well, in order to be safe from GP I guess I should have thought and done it already. Thanks!

Hi again. For those of you who are using VPN or VPS for GP, can you please indicate some worthy ones I could try? Still need another way to access another Gp developer account.

If you had used a non-gmail account, preferably not attached to any other Google service too, there wouldn’t have been any problems logging in from your laptop itself (into the mail a/c, not GP) because the access logs are not available to Google then. Since that’s not the case you’ve made things tough for yourself. But, if all you want is to keep tabs on your emails, there’s a very simple solution to your problem.

Create a new mail a/c, I’ll suggest over Yahoo. Then from any PC that can’t be traced back to you, log into your GP mail account and setup a mail forward to your Outlook mail id. If you have multiple GP accounts you cannot forward them to the same Outlook id or Google will come to know they are linked together. To get around this problem, simply create a new alias under the Outlook a/c and use that to get the mails from the second GP a/c into the same Outlook inbox! Outlook will actually create a separate folder and a matching filter for it automatically.

Now, add this Outlook id to X-Notifier or login directly or setup another mail forward from Outlook to your primary email address. Your choice. Though I wouldn’t setup the last forward if you’re primary email is again gmail. They could very well be going through the email headers and will come to know what you’re up to.

It’s comments like these that give me the chills!


Thanks! Mail forwarding had never crossed my mind.
But for the future, if needed, for sure will use a different mail provider.

Your solution is here: and here
Use it wisely :wink:

Nice, I was looking for the solution for this issue and it is quite helpful.