More features suggestions

Hey there!
I’m looking for suggestions for features I can add to my app:

Any input at all will be appreciated, constructive (or destructive) criticism - I’m willing to heed every viewpoint.
What more can I add to my app? How to make a better UI? -Anything else?

I would remove the ‘Over 3k devices supported’ screenshot. In most cases users will be viewing the store listing on their android device. If their device is supported they will find the app, if it isn’t supported then they wont.
Most people won’t think anything more of the screenshot after that.

Maybe add a LWP to the app that acts like the falling code from the matrix or something like that?

You could maybe add a gimmick like this website does:

These two features could help draw your app into the less nerdy realm which would broaden your user base and, like others have said, increase your eCPM.

Also, maybe have a look here: hacking for more hacking tutorials that you can add.

You may consider implementing a more suitable background for the app too. Try these for size:

You can easily darken/alter the images to blend in a bit more and not make the text hard-to-read.

Hope that helps!

Wow! I cannot tell you how much that helped! Excellent ideas!

I just removed the stupid screenie and am looking for matrix-like gifs to put in the background! Also that world map gave me an awesome UI idea…
I reckon I can easily add that hackertyper too! I was looking to add it for quite some time as my competition has done the same too…

Once again, Thank you very much!
(If you come across something else that I could use, please do tell me :smiley: )

Glad it helped!

I’ll keep my eyes open :wink: