more adnetworks in one app

Hi everyone…is there anyone who uses multiple Ad Networks in only 1 app?

i am using startapp and admob and i am thinking to integrate appwiz and maybe others.

What are the current pay per download ad networks?appwiz, startapp and?

can i integrate 10 adnetworks in 1 app?(i am exagerating but would like to know)

Is it ok to leave only 1 eula since those ad networks are doing the same thing?

Yes, I’m using at least 14. Look into a mediator. I would recommed Mopub because Admob tends to close your account, keep all of your money, and disable your mediation. There is also burstly, though I havent tried them. Many of these 14 networks are server to server (They do not require a native SDK)

kevinW, do you mean you only need 1 SDK for all those networks? Can you try to explain me a bit more?