MoPub: using same Ad Unit ID for more than one Application

Is using the same MoPub “Ad Unit ID” for more than one Application allowed/accepted/tolerated/etc by MoPub?

I have been using an ad unit for different apps with no problem for a whole year. Also, if I remember correctly, I believe I told about this to my account manager and never told me about this not being allowed.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
By the way, how do you get an account manager with MoPub? need some minimun Marketplace income?

I think the only requeriment is to be close to 100M monthly requests.

I have several apps with same ad unit, no issues in two years.

btw i’m seeing an increment of revenue coming from MoPub, I think the integration with twitter is starting to show up some potential…

I’m still waiting for them to approve my account for the Marketplace… hope to test it soon!