Mopub integration headaches...

Hey guys,
I’ve integrated mopub banner and mopub interstitials in my app , and i would like to ad admob to the list also , I’ve added the required publisher ID inside my dashboard,still I’m not getting any ads from admob, only mopub, so can anyone who has implemented this help me out?

I also created a new app inside my admob dashboard to get the publisher id for that particular app… but no results…

Ps- I’ve emailed mmedia because I didn’t have any publisher id on my dashboard… :frowning:


you need to put both, mmedia and admob sdks into your app along the side of mopub

Thanks , and thats it? define just one banner/interstitial space in our app and it will mediate automatically?

That’s a poor way of adding other sdk/adapters with mopub. For better maintainability, drop the sdk/adapter in the libs folder of mopub library project. That way, these sdk/adapter will be automatically imported in all projects which use this mopub library project. Hope that helps.

thats what I meant actually, import sdks into mopub project, not your project

well no, thats not it, you also need to define publisher IDs in the manifest and set proper permissions… the mopub documentation on github goes over all of these steps.

Does mopub need to add their entire project to the build? Does not increase the size of the app? Just a bit concerned as the mopub project size is around 1MB.

When you build mopub lib project, it will create a JAR file in the bin folder of mopub project. As soon as you create a dependency on mopub project from your project, this jar file is added to the classpath of your project. So verify the size of jar file of mopub and not the source code size.

Once you start adding ad network SDK’s, your app size it going to go up. A LOT. You just gotta live with it!

Thanks guys!

You just got to add admob and mmedia sdk , all the other networks will be managed by mopub through the dashboard…

can mopub use starapp or airpush or appnext too??
i really new to this kind of “mediation”…
i just know that mediation is just the way to get more different ads from ads provider.

and when i import mopub library to the project, i got this error message…

what should i do?
i really lost here

Hi all,
Can I switch my ad network base on the users’ location? thx

Can u upload that image again ? its a 404 that i get… and nope mopub doesnt use either of those, there’s a list provided on their website , if you’re new then why dont you try out a single network and then mediation? the main problem i have with mediation is i have to wait for every single network to earn me 50 or 100 $ before i can get them in my account , where as in a single network you dont need to worry about that…!

If you do mediation, they give you location based options , i dont think we can switch networks on client side, possibly we can but i have no idea about that…

Anyone noticed a large boost in requests for moPub for last few days? I have only 38% fill rate shown in their dashboard… the requests are 2 time higher than normally since 30th October for me while impressions stayed the same. May it be related to some moPub SDK update?