MoPub Dedicated Account Manager

Anyone else been offered an account rep on MoPub? They Skyped me today offering one. Benefits seems to be a higher rev share on the Marketplace and higher fill rate. I said yeah, what the hell.

Hey Georgie,
I think that is great to have an account manager with Mopub. Especially with their inconsistent payments since Twitter merge.
How many daily impressions do you have? We have some 300k daily, I am not sure if we qualify.

You need 100m monthly impressions or 3m daily to qualify, its definitely being “part of a club” at mopub premier. I am not there yet, but hopefully soon.

Yeah, I’m at 3.5 million daily at the moment. My fillrate is 40% at the moment and eCPMs are atrocious with CTRs so low. Hopefully a rep can fix this but I’m not too confident.

Basically your rev share gets bumped from 60% to 70% on the Marketplace. If you can hit 300m impressions a month, the share goes to 75%.

I’ll report back with my experiences.