Mopub banned my account with no reason.

Hello, guys

As nice as it sounds, they blocked my account without warning. That’s the reply I’ve got from Mopub policy team:


In the course of reviewing our accounts, we have determined that your publisher account is in violation of MoPub’s Supply Side Policies. Per our terms, your account will be disabled, effective today.

If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact [email protected].

Thank you,

MoPub Policy Team


Thank you for your inquiry regarding your MoPub Marketplace account. Due to MoPub internal protocol, we are unable to disclose the specific policy in violation.

Please refer to the MoPub Terms of Service and Supply Side Policies for further information: MoPub Terms of Service :: MoPub, MoPub Policies for Supply Side Partners :: MoPub

Thank you,

MoPub Policy Team

Sounds like a joke, they didn’t notify me before closing my account. When I couldn’t login my account, I send a email to its privacy, about 3 days later, they replied.
My iOS apps have 8k~12K active users daily, about half of the users are in US. This account earned only about $35~$50 from mopub marketplace, ecpm is about $2.0~$2.5. And there’s still about $2k in my account, I think they won’t pay me.
And still haven’t explained how I violated they terms & conditions…
So, be careful to use mopub, I trust it too much as a mediation.

Mopub reactived my account several days ago, writing a post here works it out. Thank you for your attention, guys!

It sounds like a woman banned you :smiley: We banned you. But we won’t tell you why. o.O

Correct in my case
I register new account, mopub don’t approved and i ask why?
They say “l, we are unable to disclose the specific policy in violation.” :slight_smile:

Read this is and check what you might have been abusing: MoPub Policies for Supply Side Partners :: MoPub - maybe pornography? or COPPA? (never, ever use mopub for apps that you set are designed for children)

Everybody seems to be following Google.
Just a few more years and only the big companies can stand this market :slight_smile:

My apps don’t contain pornography contents, and aren’t designed for children. I guess the main reason is “invalid impressions and clicks”, but still don’t know how mopub calculate it. I planed to remove mopub marketplace one month ago, its ads are very annoying. Some of them’s close button are covered by black background, and it still show a lot of video ads even when I close videos in app settings. Mopub advertisers are doing those tricks to improve their CTR, now mopub blame us for “invalid impressions and clicks”, what a joke!

Does anybody know any replacement for mopub? The main feature I need is mediation.
All I hear about are Fyber, Heyzap, Supersonic and Aerserv, which one is the best? And sorry about for my poor English.

I tried mopub and got poor results…presently I am using heyzap its working so well for me…Good eCpm,schedule payouts and good support

Thank you very much! @NokiaDev, I’ll try heyzap, and make admob mediation as a backup.

You should try heyzap!

Anyway, I hate when a company banned you, and when you asked what the reason was, they told you that they dont know. :smiley:

Mopub reactive my account several days ago, writing a post here works it out.:wink:

Hi York23,

What did you do to ask them reactive your account? My account is banned with no clear reason, and I had tried to contact them several times.

Looking for your reply.

I think they thought my app is “child-directed” (for the purposes of COPPA).