Mopub asking for form W8-BEN for tax and withholding payments.

I got an email saying I won’t be paid unit I file this form, problem is I don’t know much about these tax rules and I might end up paying tax in US and in my country as well. Can anybody help me here in this regard? Anyone else also got the notice from mopub?

I don’t work with Mopub but I completed similar form before I got my first payment from AirPush. I didn’t payed any fees, so I don’t think you have to worry about, just complete it and I guess everything will be fine :slight_smile:

p.s. but still wait for other opinions :slight_smile:

If your country has an agreement with USA about avoiding double taxation you will be fine.

Thanks guys. Problem solved. Topic can be closed.


MoPub is also requesting me to fill a W-8BEN form. I’m confused about the Part I - Field 6 (U.S. taxpayer identification number). As an individual (not an organisation or corporation), do I need to get a U.S. taxpayer identification number?


Isnt there a button saying like “Im not a US citizen” and then press to continue. Select the country you are from in the details.

They sent me a simple PDF document, not an online form.

the W8-BEN is for foreign taxing. With that form you declare, that you are not an US citzen and therefore are not taxed in the US … amazon does the same, but they do it more abstract. If you do not file that information they deduct the US tax from your earnings (was it 30%?) … if you give the information (means you are giving information to IRS where you are regulary taxed).

It’s more complex than that and I am not exactly sure if I tell the truth, but that is what I thought it is - haha