MoPub and AdMob stats differ significantly?

I’m using MoPub and mediate to AdMob. But the stats differ significantly. E.G from 10/29/2013 to 11/3/2013 MoPub tells me for AdMob 56,480 attempts and 13,163 impressions were made (fill rate 23%), clicks 246, ctr 1.87%.
For the same timeframe AdMob tells me: 26,603 requests, 26,382 impressions, fill rate 78%, clicks 277, ctr 1.05%.

Can someone explain that difference? Seems quite big to me!


Welcome to mediation :frowning:

Your fillrate on Admob is not right. it should be almost 100% with your request/impression stats, not 78%.
Anyway, my moPub right now shows 3x more requests than it should (showing fill rate of 39%). :slight_smile: The revenue didn’t change though, so I think it’s only a reporting issue. And I also have less impressions listen in moPub that there are in reality.