MONSTER POP BUBBLE BUSTER 2 - candy crush saga style game

Hey all. MONSTER POP BUBBLE BUSTER 2 is now live at last :slight_smile:
You can get it on google play here:

Coming soon on the amazon app store too.

Check out the trailer:

Play through 100’s of levels in this addicting match 3 puzzle game. An epic saga across 6 worlds you don’t want to miss.

• Classic match 3 game play with a puzzle twist. Blast through each level by collecting only the target color bubbles.
• Battle boss monsters in special levels.
• Pick up diamonds and potion to unlock new lands.
• 6 amazing worlds (Evil Forest, Scream Castle, Rock Forest and more).
• Use magic powers - the hammer of thor, magic wand, candy swap and more.
• Different level obstacles to test your brain - mud, ice blocks, parachute monster’s and more.
• Invite your facebook friend and crush them in the world leaderboards.
• 2 ways to get free diamond’s; invite friends or watch a video in the cinema.
• Super art work, great jelly sounds and catch’y music.
• Complete weekly quests to get prizes.

The bubble monster king has trapped monsters pets all over the land and it’s your quest to defeat him and rescue them. You must travel with your trusty red devil side kick and help your friends escape his clutches. He won’t go easy though, you’ll need magic potions with witch to beat him. Go forth brave soul and blaze them levels.

• Pop the bubble monsters by connecting 3 or more in a row.
• Try to collect the target colors shown at the top of the screen.
• Complete each level before the moves runs out in the top left.
• You use 6 magic potion points each level, but gain more when levels are complete.
• Buy diamonds or get them free to unlock more worlds.


  • New worlds coming soon.
  • Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia, and Kindle Fire. Please tell us about any bugs on our facebook page.
  • Also coming to amazon soon from Panda Tap Games publisher.

I’ve never played Candy Crush, but I’ve heard of it. Good luck with the app!