I’ve got to ask … am I the only one who occasionally types “” into the address bar? How would you make monkey with Android?

No monkeys here, have it bookmarked :wink:

I only type “making” the rest is auto completition … you are always typing the whole name ???

But i have some other phrases I regularely misspell in a funny manner xD (just forgot them…)

…and I think you are thinking too often about monkeys … xD

The name of our developer team is MonkeyGames, so there is at least one monkey over here :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I have done this before :stuck_out_tongue: And I also keep typing it as “” as well - it’s a pretty hard one to type!

Of course, you could always just Google it. Searching for “making monkey with android” still seems to show this site up the top :slight_smile:




Well played sir, well played.