Monetizing Uninstalls ?? AppJolt

So I got some email from a new ad network called appjolt and they say they Monetize your uninstalls, anywho I didn’t try it yet.

I wanted to ask you here first, anybody tried this before ?

anyone ?

See here →


though it would be awesome if we actually could monetize uninstalls…

I received this link today

I will try and let you know how does appjolt works

Ad Walls and Interstitial Ads
Interstitial ads may only be displayed inside of the app with which they came. Forcing the user to click on ads or submit personal information for advertising purposes in order to fully use an app is prohibited. A prominent and accessible target must be made available to users in any interstitial ad so that they may dismiss the ad without penalty or inadvertent click-through

Not sure how it is a Google complaint :stuck_out_tongue:

So did anyone used it in Play Store without getting any warning or suspension?

It is prohibited in Google Play store, uninstall(application manager) it’s not your app. How they works? They uses some NDK code to detect application uninstall and uninstall intent with your app. It’s currently impossible to make it yourself in SDK(java). Displaying ads outside application is not allowed. You can try it only on your risk.