Monetizing South America

Hi all!

My app has a predominantly South American audience - Brazil, Mexico and Argentina in that order. However I have far more Brazilians than the other two.

I’m currently using Admob and my ECPM (banners + interstitials) was around $0.22 in March in those countries, which I believe is quite low, therefore I’m looking for an ad network with better ECPMs in South America.

Does anybody have any experience of an ad network that performs well, especially in Brazil?

Thank you!

Hey Mtartist,

That is very low for those countries. At Airpush we have strong inventory available for Brazil, Mexico and that whole region. Our Google Play compliant Bundle 1 SDK includles our 360 abstract ads, standard banners, smart wall and pay per download, where you can earn $0.002 world wide per new user install and EULA (end user license agreement ) plus CPMs on ads. Check out our demo site here Airpush Publisher Demo

Shoot me a PM if you would like to chat further.

Airpush Nick

That’s just about right for those countries, the following is a good guide and this is for only interstitials:

Average CPI per country for Android apps - AppBrain

Advertisers don’t pay more with one company just because they like the company, this is what is happening in the industry right now. Lesson being? Target USA, Canada and Australia otherwise collect pennies!

Thanks for your reply. However, aren’t CPI and the eCPM different things?

Hey Mtartist,

NOTIFY has vast ad inventory and is particularly strong in Mexico and Brazil. We have targeted and exclusive ads for those regions that dominate those GEOs… Please PM me or email our support to help you get integrated.

Happy Developing and Happy monetizing! :slight_smile:

hi mtartist , do you launch your app in google play store?
if your apps are in google play store, maybe you can try SinceStar IN APP SDK, which pays for CPM, once the ad show, you get the payment, even if the user do nothing with the ad. CPM up to $3dollar

if your apps are in third market, maybe you can try SinceStar OUT APP SDK, which pays for PPD.In this model you earn every time your application is installed. PPD up to $0.06 per download.

weekly payment, once sign up, you can get $10 bonus.

Hi mtartist,

Supersonic has a strong inventory in Brazil, specifically and we currently offer an eCPM of $3. If you’re interested in $100 credit for mobile UA- message me.


eCPM $0.22 for Brazil is not bad at all! For my last game I am getting an average of $0.18 with a 80% Tier 1 userbase…

Hi Friend, how are you?
I’m from Brazil and I use avocarrot in my apps. I don’t have a lot of users, but avocarrot is performing good for me with local users. Why don’t you give it a try? They pay in cpm and cpc basis, like admob. Also they work with native ads, which definitely have better conversion than traditional formats.
Hope this helps.

Lot of Countries lIke Italy, France and other European countries pay lot more than USA

Very true but more users in U.S.