Monetizing Russian Traffic

I launched a new app yesterday which is getting a lot of Russian traffic. The CPC ($0.05038 banner / $0.02545 interstitial) doesn’t seem great, I think it might be because my admob account is brand new and it’s my first app since today is better than yesterday. Is there something I can do, such as adding another network, that will do better? I saw that admob makes it easy on their backend to feed other network ads.

Also Ukraine is doing worse ($0.01 CPC) but it’s less traffic so I’m less concerned with it.

Maybe you can try MobileCore. I do not have much users in Russia since my app users are mostly from Asian countries.

I pulled out my historical data from MobileCoreif I can see Russian traffic and I found 1 user(I think) using my app there. MObileCoreis cost per install ad network and based on the data below 1 download from Russia is around $2

mobilecore sucks these days. less than 1 dollor cpm for me.