Monetizing outside markets list of ppd networks

Ok outside markets is the huge buzz right now with all these cool PPD Adnetworks that keep flocking in.

BUNDLE2 is good but a lot of people totally forgot about minimob which pays 2 cents - 25 cents for each install depending on country as long as the user sees at least one ad.


Airpush BUNDLE2 - 5 cent Per NEW USER

Minimob 2-25 cent per install <—You can get paid from same user multiple times as long as they receive ads from each app. <—Also gets denied by Samsung and gets detected as a virus on Mobogenie so Minimob cant be uploaded to Samsung or MoboGenie.

AppFlood - $2.00 per 1000 installs

AppJolt - 5 cent per USA Install other countries not sure right now.

I am sure more is to come.

If you guys know more PPD networks Message below so I can Add to list.

Good NON PPD Networks good for outside markets,


Thanks for sharing ,
I Think you can add widdit to this list , although it is very low for out of US traffic
Would you please elaborate on the adknowledge part

For non-ppd one option is notifymob

Eomobi is a PPD network as well…0.05$ per install for high value countries.


Is submitting our apps into other store than Google Play profitable? I mean what is percentage comparison in revenues between Google Play and other stores. Lats say You are earning 10$/day from GG from 5 apps. What are results for those 5 apps placed in others stores?

@Pharoh - We are doing some beta tests with some other networks for new monetization products. As this is a beta, we can’t open it up to everyone right now, but will keep everybody updated when this becomes publicly available.


Maybe $2 a day but hey extra money adds up quickly, 2x30 = $60 extra that month for an extra 5-15 minutes of work.

I have 10 apps on Google Earning about $2.00 a day and 2000 apps on outside markets earning $120 a day. So google Play 20 cents a day per app. Outside markets about 6 cents a day per app on average. 6 cents x 2000 apps = $120 / day but that is 3 years worth of apps.

We have some PPD opportunities and fun models in the works. We are still in beta with those models and are not open to all the public. If you are interested in taking part, PM me or email me to see if you qualify for the program. Cheers!

Thanks as always guys.

what about eomobi.
Have anyone tried them and get paid