Monetizing my old j2me games

I have a bunch of old j2me games I created back as early as 2005. They are all free downloads on getjar and my own website. I never tried to monetize them, back during this time I was making mobile games for the fun of it. So I signed up with distimo and was looking at statistics. I still get about 300 downloads a day from getjar with my j2me apps, and some of them have as many as 200k total downloads. This got me thinking I should put ads in them and see if it generates any money. So I did a search for ad-networks for j2me. I’ve found millenia media, interactive and

I’ve never used any other ad networds than adMob (for my android games). So I wondering what you guys thought would be easiest/most profitable to try. The site looked interesting in that they have an ad-wrapper that is supposed to enable 1 click ad integration for j2me. Interesting to note is that highest downloads come from USA, and second being India then Bangladesh. I might give the vserv with their ad wrapper a try, since it’s been years since I’ve done any j2me programming it might be alot easier. What do yall think?

I use to put ads into J2ME games. They wrap your game so you do not have to change anything…

List of my J2ME games at MobileRated.

That’s an interesting subject … google is just not getting their ass up to do ingame advertising … :slight_smile:

Does such networks exist for .net games also … anyone knows?

If you have games that have 200k downloads, I SERIOUSLY suggest you check if they would have competition on Android and if not, re-imagine the game as a native Android game and write it!

I may rewrite your games for a 50% cutoff!! xD xD xD (just joking, I really have not time … too much customer projects currently)

They have 200k total downloads, but I’m sure after 7 years active installs is much less. I’ve already remade one of them as Android most of the code ported straight ove (both Java) so left lots of time for improvements. Am also working on porting another currently.

Offtopic: when I click “My Apps” in your signature I get redirected to your apps and Google Play shows me that there are 10 pages of them. When I click on any of those pages I get 404 error though.

Edit: I just noticed that you link to search results. Wouldn’t that page - - be better?

it’s interesting, thar when i click on his signature, everything works fine (maybe he have fixed it) because when i click on your first link in your post, i got the error also :slight_smile:

Thats weird, signature link was working for me. The link Magnesus suggested is much better though, I’ll change it. I notice the first link Magnesus posted has extra data at the end: &c=apps&start=24&num=24 with that in there I get the 404 error, but if you just put: it comes up fine. Thanks for the tip.

Encase your wondering about my old j2me games here is a link for them at my website, can also be found on getjar. - Java Programming, Games, Source Code and more.

Ah, I had forgotten all about, I actually already have my games on their site; but not using the ads… Thanks for the info, I think this is the advertiser I’m looking for.

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