Monetizing Mexico

Hi guys,

I developed a MP3 download app that is being quite successful, uploaded it 7th feb and I’ve been getting 3-4k new users/day. Most of them are from Mexico / Argentina. I’m using Appnext for “more aps” button on the top right and Mobilecore for interstitials + their fancy menu.

Here are some screens:






What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

I dont think you’re doing anything wrong, I think your traffic is wrong :slight_smile: Get some more USA traffic instead, there is lots Spanish speaking USA traffic available if your app is in Spanish

Revmob from Brasil possible they can convert South America and Mexico traffic.

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My name is Anni with Appwiz, we do know how to monetize apps with all kind of traffic sources we work both PPD and in App advertising.
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Hello @Stricken. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. It clearly depends on choice of ad network and demographics of your user base. You should also try Pollfish which covers both Argentina and Mexico. Pollfish delivers surveys instead of ads. Have a look on how it looks/feel with Pollfish Demo App.

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I’m pretty sure we can increase your eCPM. We see higher values in these countries. Let us have a look and help you optimize the results.

Hi Stricken,

How is it going?
I would like to introduce Mobeleader, a mobile marketing network specialized in ads in-App.
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