Monetizing Iran

Hi guys

For whatever reason I recently get a lot of banner traffic from Iran. Also some interstitials, but not as much as for banners.
The ad networks I currently use do not monetize Iran.

Does anyone know an ad network which provides resonable eCPM for banners and interstitials in Iran?


find a cpa offer that sells burkas… blah

Hi there,

At Airpush, we have advertising demand available for users in Iran, and world wide. You can monetize each of your users with our pay per install ad type, where you can earn up to $0.002 per new user install and agreement opt in world wide, along with CPMs on ads. We have plenty of inventory available, along with feeds from other demand partners to fill as many ad requests as possible.

PM me if you would like to chat further.

Hi there,

We also provide monetization in Iran and other geos via our lockscreen.

Try us out by signing up here.



Hi can anyone suggest good ad network that we can use with admob mediation for Iran?

I wonder if you ended up finding any network for IRAN with good fill rates.

For whatever reason i am getting lots of traffic from IRAN for my Banner ads and fill rate is almost 2% in admob.

Please some stuff.

I use ADMOB and i have many shows and good espm for Iran since recent times

Check below screenshot from admob console. Iran has man banner requests and fill rate is close to 0.

Something similar here with banner and interstitial, anyone tried adfalcon or adad?

Don’t waste your time with AdFalcon. They totally suck.