Monetizing Adult Apps With Admob

Hi Guys

Wonder if someone may know something about this. I make adult apps as well from time to time and promoted them “underground” as Google Play will ban adult apps cause they can detect adult keywords, but if your app is NOT in the Google Play store can they pick something up if you run admob on them. Im sure their are no bots or anything that can crawl your app with just the admob SDK in there or am I wrong?

The thing is I have tried to monetize with like Revmob but their payouts are ridiculous see screenshot below:


I have quit a few actual clicks and I am not even near $1 yet, if I had those clicks in admob it would be alot more.

So I just need to know if I make an adult app but not upload it to Google Play but monetize with admob is there anyway they can detect it is running on an adult app?


I believe Google is moving away from making money with anything to do with the Adult industry. Adsense has already announced this.

Tread carefully…

lol 33 impressions that’s your answer there all adnetworks will suck with only 33 impressions

I’m using adtomatik for the last two months ago and got very good results, higher fill rates and best ecpm than others ad networks