Monetize my app

Hi, I am new to mobile advertising so have lots confusions.

After researching a lot I decided to go with multiple ad networks so as to maximize the fill rate. I have selected airpush and facebook audience network, now I need an ad mediation network.
I found Mopub and Aerserv to be good enough.
Even I gave a thought on Admob but it doesn’t support airpush. So can you help me in suggesting a good mediation platform?


Multiple ad networks - good choice! :smiley:
Facebook - reasonable choice. :confused:
Airpush - bad choice. :frowning:

Airpush is very bad right now. Better go with Appnext or MC. Both can be mediated through Mopub.

Do you have a good experience with Airpush? I heard many people on this forum complaining about Airpush

Every network has problems from time to time, but maybe AirPush have more than usual. I’ve used them for years, but I only send a low level of traffic to them now.

Airpush currently sucks and they steal money for last year…

best mediation is defenitly appodeal ! (if you have a working admob account)

Hi Aartip,

Using Admob or Mopub for your mediation will be your best choice as most other networks will be able to plug into these without any problem. At Phunware we can work with both.

Shoot me a PM to chat further.
Phunware Nick

Just don’t go with StartApp man. It’s useless.

Thanks Calidonian for your suggestion. Can you please suggest me an ad mediation network which I can use to manage multiple ad networks.

Thanks for your reply. I have talked to Airpush managers and also took a demo, think everything work fine.

No I am new to this and just had a conversation with their managers. Actually i am searching for ad networks that can provide geo targeting

MoPub or HeyZap. I am using MoPub personally as it’s easier to implement Native Ads (but everything else is more difficult)

Thanks for your suggestion. Even i was thinking of admob, Can you please share you gmail Id so that I can ask you if got stuck in implementation part.

The problem is not the way it works. Airpush has a very solid and stable SDK and a pretty decent support. The problem is the revenues.

Have you used Airpush? How was your experience? Can you please suggest me a good ad network that generate high revenue?

You can go for:


or you can yourself search for the top category mobile app ad networks.


Yes I did. their eCPM is not good. They were very big in the past (until 2013, I think), but then Google became much more strict and it really effected them.

Go for these:
Mobile Core

I would try them in that order, but it’s your choice of course. Give each of them at lease 2-3 weeks, evaluate and move on. If you technically can, put them in rotation with eachother (33%/33%/33% or 50%/50%) and see who’s generating more ravenue.

Bottom line is - if you don’t test, you’ll never know.

Careful with airpush. They can ban your account nearly payment day! :D.

Ohhhh seriously LOL!!

Thanks for your informative reply.
I would try them as you have suggested. Also, can you please suggest me a mediation service provider which allow me to manager multiple ad networks. Also I need to place my ads for some amount of impressions and clicks.